Teeth Whitening in Katy, TX

Teeth Whitening in Katy, TX

Is your smile dulled due to staining or discoloration? Looking for a solution to brighten your smile? At Dr. Teeth Dental Care we offer Zoom! teeth whitening in Katy, an innovative teeth whitening treatment that allows your dentist to brighten your smile in just one visit!

Why Zoom! Teeth Whitening in Katy, TX?

As we age, our teeth tend to become stained and discolored. This can occur due to age, but other lifestyle and dietary choices can also have a big impact. Certain beverages and foods such as coffee, wine, and even berries can leave your teeth stained. Using Zoom! teeth whitening, we can safely, effectively and quickly improve the color and shade of your smile.

Katy, TX Teeth Whitening Procedure

At Dr. Teeth Dental Care, our Katy, TX teeth whitening treatment can be completed in under an hour. First, the teeth whitening gel will be applied to your teeth; a special light will then be used to activate the gel, penetrate the surface and dissolve stains. Once your treatment has been completed, an anti-sensitivity fluoride product will be applied to the tooth surfaces.

At-Home Teeth Whitening 77493, 77494

After your in-office Katy, TX teeth whitening treatment, we will provide you with a take-home kit which includes custom bleaching trays and teeth whitening gel. We will discuss how and when you should be using your at-home teeth whitening kit for the best results.

We will also discuss any dietary or lifestyle changes you can make to extend the effects of your professional teeth whitening treatment. Making sure you maintain a good dental hygiene routine and schedule routine dental examinations and cleanings can also help ensure your teeth stay brighter, longer.

Visit Us for Katy Teeth Whitening Today!

Interested in brightening your smile in just one appointment? Contact our Katy cosmetic dentistry office today to schedule your appointment. We look forward to brightening your smile!

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