When to Seek Emergency Dental Care in Katy, TX

Nov 28, 2018

Have you or a loved one suffered a dental injury? Think you may need emergency dental care in Katy, TX but aren’t sure if you should seek immediate attention? At Dr. Teeth Dental Care we are proud to offer emergency dental care in Katy for our patients during their time of need. When it comes to dental injuries, some can be more serious than others. Today, we’re covering common dental emergencies and when to seek treatment. 


Are you experiencing a sudden, severe toothache? We recommend gently brushing and flossing your teeth to remove any potential debris. If the pain and discomfort still persist, contact Dr. Teeth Dental Care and schedule an appointment with our Katy emergency dentist. 

Damaged Teeth

Has an accident resulted in chipped, cracked, fractured or even broken tooth? We recommend immediately rinsing your mouth to clean it from any debris. Next, contact Dr. Teeth Dental Care for an appointment, damaged teeth can become a more serious problem if they become decayed or infected. 

Damaged/Lost Dental Work

Notice your filling, crown or even bridge has been damaged during your accident? If possible, find any parts of the dental work and then gently rinse your mouth. You should then contact our emergency dentist in Katy about replacing your dental work, neglecting to do so could result in more serious complications. 

Partially Dislodged Teeth

Has your accident resulted in a tooth being partially dislodged? First, gently rinse your mouth, cleaning it of any debris. Next, try to push the tooth back into the socket if possible. Finally, contact Dr. Teeth Dental Care immediately, our emergency dentist in Katy, TX may be able to save your tooth. 

Knocked-Out Teeth

Has a tooth been completely knock-out during your injury? You should immediately place the tooth in water or milk to keep it moist and then gently rinse your smile. Next, contact Dr. Teeth Dental Care for immediate, emergency care. 

Visit Our Katy Emergency Dentist Open Today

Think that your or a loved one may need to see our emergency dentist in 77496? Contact Dr. Teeth Dental Care right away, we’d be more than happy to provide the immediate, emergency care you and your family deserves.

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