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When to Choose a Dental Onlay Over a Crown?

Apr 01, 2023

Do you have a tooth that is severely damaged, decayed, or infected? Onlays and dental crowns are common restorative procedures that fix broken or decaying teeth. There is not even one possibility for restoration. For example, Onlays and crowns both have comparable functions. A dental Onlay in Katy covers a portion of a tooth. But a dental crown completely encases the tooth’s surface. Which method is best for you can be difficult to decide because both have benefits. Read further to find this out.

Dental Crowns

Teeth harmed by trauma, accident, cavities, or decay are repairable with dental crowns. Also, the dentist uses them to complete root canal and dental implant procedures.

Dental Onlays

One type of restoration used to fix decayed or broken teeth is dental Onlays. They can match the shade of your actual teeth. Onlays are typically constructed using porcelain or composite resin. Unlike a dental crown, an inlay merely covers the top or chewing surface of an injured tooth.

Benefits of Dental Onlays and Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are an excellent approach to prevent further damage to a tooth that is already fragile and restore its function. They also offer protection for teeth with cavities or discoloration. There’s no need to be embarrassed when you smile since the dental crown in Katy feels and looks just like natural teeth.

Unlike a dental crown, a dental Onlay simply covers a portion of the injured tooth – one of its main advantages. As a result, the surgery is less invasive and more reasonably priced because less enamel needs removal. Dental Onlays are sturdy and long-lasting. With the right upkeep and care, they can survive for many years.

When Dental Onlay is the Right Option for You?

In the following cases, the Onlay is the best option over a crown:

1. Preparing the Tooth

Your tooth may only need an Onlay rather than a crown to be fixed. It usually depends on the extent and type of damage. When the damage is too severe to be repaired by a filling, Onlays are required. An Onlay fits precisely into the cracks of the damaged surface, as opposed to covering the entire tooth as a crown would.

2. The Preservation of the Natural Tooth

The Onlay can be altered or mended. It can last as long as a crown because the restoration keeps as much of the native tooth structure as possible. It means an Onlay helps to save the original tooth.

  • AdjustmentIf you want to whiten your teeth, you might need an adjustment. The substance from which an Onlay is made resists staining. So even after applying whitening procedures, it won’t become as white as a natural tooth.

    To prevent this problem, we typically advise teeth whitening before your replacement arrives. For customers who want a whiter smile, the experts at Dr. Teeth Dental Care – Katy offer both an in-office and take-home dental Onlay procedure.

  • RepairA repair can be necessary if you fail to maintain your restoration properly. The crown repair is extremely challenging and may lead to the loss of an entire tooth, roots, and all.

    On the other hand, due to how much more stable the tooth’s inherent structure is, an Onlay gets repaired more easily. When performed by an expert, the repair will typically leave the tooth unharmed. It allows the new restoration to fit comfortably where the old Onlay once was.

  • LongevityAn Onlay is just as sturdy as a natural tooth, although crowns are slightly more durable. The Onlay can still last as long as a crown if it properly adheres to the tooth.

3. Price

One of the biggest reasons people prefer an Onlay is that it can be made and installed for a far lower cost than a traditional filling. Onlays can cost as little as half as much as a crown while still offering the same advantages.

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If you have a damaged or rotting tooth, your dentist will likely check your condition and advise the best action. Contact our professional today to make an appointment if you need a dental crown, inlay, or Onlay.

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