What Is a Crown and How Does It Work?

Jun 01, 2020

A crown refers to a prosthetic device attached to an implant or a tooth that offers protection to damaged teeth. It is also used to improve the teeth’s appearance as well as restore its size, shape, and strength. A crown can be used in different situations to correct a myriad of dental flaws. According to Katy Dental Crowns Clinic, the use of crowns in the following conditions may seem appropriate:

  1. Where your tooth is broken or severely worn out, and you need it restored.
  2. If the patient’s teeth are severely discolored.
  3. When there is a need for cosmetic modification.
  4. In a scenario where a patient has had a large dental filling such that there is little natural tooth material left. The crown can be used to provide support and cover to that tooth.
  5. Where a bridge needs to be held in place.
  6. A situation where the tooth is weak due to decay or other factors, crowns can be installed to prevent it from breaking.

The use of dental crowns is also recommended in children who have difficulties in maintaining optimal oral hygiene. This helps to lower the risk of developing tooth decay.

What Are the Various Types of Crowns Available?

Crowns can either be permanent or artificial, and they exist in different types. Before deciding which one to opt for, certain aspects have to be considered. Some of these aspects are:

  • Durability
  • Strength
  • Appearance
  • Restoration size
  • The type of material they are made of

Metals such as silver and gold, ceramics, and resins can be used in the making of permanent dental crowns.

1.Metallic crowns

Metal crowns are known to be strong due to the metallic elements they are made from. Such materials include platinum, nickel, cobalt, gold, and chromium. Their strength makes them preferable when repairing the teeth at the back as they are strong enough to withstand chewing trauma and biting forces. This also increases their durability because they rarely wear down or break.

2.All-porcelain or all-ceramic crowns

Compared to all the other crowns, all-porcelain crowns provide a more natural look and are more suitable to people who are allergic to metal. The crowns can be fixed at the front or back teeth. Due to their aesthetic value, most dentists prefer them when repairing extensively damaged anterior teeth.

3.Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns

Unlike metallic dental crowns, these types of crowns are made to match the color of your surrounding teeth. This feature makes them concealable and a good option for both the front and back teeth. They are also efficient in providing support for dental bridges due to the metallic part, which makes them strong. However, when compared to resin or metal crowns, they are more likely to wear down. The porcelain part of the crown can also be an added disadvantage as they can easily break off or chip.

4.All-resin crowns

The word “all resin” basically means that resin is the only material used in their manufacture. They are mostly used to offer temporary protection to a tooth that is awaiting the installation of a permanent crown. The crowns provide an alternative option to stainless-steel crowns. Resin crowns wear down quickly over time, and that is why they are used temporarily. Furthermore, they are not made to withstand chewing and biting forces for long. This makes them vulnerable to cracks and fractures.

5.Stainless-steel dental crowns

These are fabricated crowns designed to be used primarily on permanent teeth. They offer protection to a filling or tooth temporarily before the making of a permanent dental crown is completed. The stainless-steel dental crown protects the tooth from any further decay by acting as a layer of protection. These crowns are mostly used in children because they require fewer dental visits to be installed, making them cost-effective. With these crowns, you do not need to schedule an appointment for your kid to have them removed. This is because they come out when the milk teeth fall out naturally to pave the way for permanent teeth.


If you are thinking of getting a crown or if your kid is in need of any form of dental crown treatment, visit Dr. Teeth Dental Care in Katy, TX or give us a call to book an appointment.

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