Tooth Extractions Katy, TX

Tooth Extractions Katy, TX

At Dr. Teeth Dental Care in Katy, TX we are dedicated to helping our patients achieve healthy smiles. Unfortunately, however, situations do arise where a normal tooth extraction or wisdom tooth removal may be necessary.

Katy Dental Extractions

In certain cases, a tooth may become so injured or decayed that it can no longer be saved, making a dental extraction the healthiest option. In other cases, primary teeth don’t fall out, an infection may develop, or wisdom teeth may become impacted (which may require wisdom teeth removal from our Katy, TX office). Any of these dental conditions left untreated can lead to further complications and more costly interventions.

Simple & Surgical Tooth Extractions Katy

Considering a dental extraction in Katy? At our Katy dental office, we are proud to offer both simple tooth extractions and surgical tooth extractions depending on your situation. Simple extractions are procedures done on teeth that have limited damage and are more visible in the mouth. The tooth extraction process involves using a set of forceps to gently loosen and remove the tooth. In more severe cases, a surgical extraction may be necessary which requires an incision to completely remove the tooth; this is often the case with wisdom teeth removal in Katy, TX.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Katy, TX

Think you may need wisdom teeth removal in Katy? Wisdom teeth in Katy, TX are a common reason we perform tooth extractions here at Dr. Teeth Dental Care. Our dentist would be happy to evaluate your wisdom teeth in Katy to determine if wisdom tooth extraction in Katy is right for you.

Katy Tooth Extractions Procedure

Before an extraction, your Katy dentist will take digital images of your mouth to evaluate your case. If any signs of infection or an immune deficiency are present, an antibiotic may be prescribed for before and after your extraction procedure.

Following both a simple and surgical tooth extraction, some discomfort is completely normal. Minor bleeding from the extraction is also common. Your dentist at Dr. Teeth will discuss any post-op instructions and prescribe any medications necessary for you to have a quick and comfortable recovery.

Get Your Tooth Extraction in Katy

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