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TMJ Pain Can Mimic Root Canal Pain

Many times someone’s tooth experiences a shooting pain. It is thought to be a cavity and is neglected. That isn’t a wise thing to do as most teeth related problems imitate each other and the pain can be similar. It is best to get the right diagnosis and treat it accordingly. One of the best dentists in Katy, Dr. Teeth can help diagnose one’s teeth problems offering reasonable treatment options.

If one has been through a root canal treatment and is experiencing toothache, it is still better to get it checked. A family dentist can help understand the problem better in order to figure out if it really is the root canal that is the cause of this pain. One of the ailments that comes very close to being like root canal pain is TMJ. Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome isn’t uncommon and is treatable. However, an early diagnosis always helps curing it faster.

TMJ treatment in Katy is not an expensive affair if one looks for the right kind of dentist Katy TX. Dr. Teeth is one of those dental clinics that specializes in both root canal treatment and TMJ treatment. Confusing one tooth problem with another can land a person in multiple troubles as treatment gets delayed with self-diagnosis or wrong diagnosis.

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It is important that not only is one’s dental clinic specializing in solving these teeth problems but also takes care of timely treatment besides maintaining the patient’s oral hygiene. Tips and post-treatment guidelines are important in order to complete the course of the treatment without which one will end up spending more money with continuous relapse owing to late or the wrong treatment.

Mouth guards and various medications can easily cure TMJ and Dr. Teeth provides the patient with a host of treatment options keeping the patient’s well-being and comfort first. For more severe cases there are surgery options like open-joint surgery, modified condylotomy, etc. It is important that the clinic for TMJ treatment in Katy that you’re going for is well-versed with these various treatment options in order for you to make the best choice for yourself.

Before one self-diagnoses any kind of dental issues, it is best to seek expert advice which gives faster relief without complicating the situation further. Dr. Teeth gives the right treatment with assurance of quick recovery. Book an appointment towards a great oral health.


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