TMJ Guards: Do I Need a Professional Fitting?

Jun 23, 2018

For the patients reading the following article that experience TMJ disorder, you are fully aware of the painful systems associated with said disorder. Headaches, jaw pain, teeth grinding, and clicking and jaw popping sounds are all problems that afflict someone with TMJ disorder. There is a solution on the market today that can help you with all of these symptoms, and we’re here to discuss it.

Mouth guards are exceptionable options in treating TMJ disorder. They are commonly made of a rigid acrylic material that fit over your teeth serving as a protective barrier between the upper and lower teeth. This can keep you from clenching your teeth, it can move the jaw into the right position, and help your jaw and facial muscles to relax. To successfully experience the benefits of a TMJ guard, it is best to consult your dentist.

How Do Neuromuscular Dentists Fit TMJ Guards?

A neuromuscular dentist will examine your teeth and take into consideration all of the systems in your body that allow you to chew, swallow, and speak. A complete history and examination of the root cause of your TMJ disorder is also in order to determine if a mouthguard will help alleviate any of your symptoms. It is also important that this professional choose what kind of guard is best for the symptoms you specifically feel and fits the device to your mouth by using a custom mold. Being that the design of the guard requires a perfect fit, a regular check-up by your dentist and any necessary adjustments and modifications are made to keep you feeling well.

If you would like to consult a local dentist as to whether you have TMJ or you’re interested in being referred turn neuromuscular dentist that can give you a TMJ guard that you need, feel free to contact us at Dr. Teeth Dental Care Katy, TX. We want our patients to feel and look their best, so give us a call or send us an email as soon as possible to be on your way to achieving optimal dental health.

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