Teeth Whitening Sensitivity – Sensitive Teeth

Jun 16, 2019

With time, the shades of your teeth can get dull and yellow. For gaining back their white and bright tooth color, patients often prefer obtaining better teeth whitening products. This is an inexpensive method to restore teeth whitening results but these products bring issues like sensitivity. When patient has sensitivity, extreme pressure can be felt with temperature change. It is thus important to choose right products for better whitening results and to obtain it, patient can visit Katy dentist.

Bleaching solutions

Often bleaching products are also used for better teeth whitening results. Such products use peroxide which can be harmful to many patients. Even when patients consult a dentist for whitening results, they often use equipment and products that may contain heavy bleaching agents. Bleaching products must be carefully chosen. For better whitening results, one may obtain efficient teeth whitening Katy solutions for better bleaching results.

Acid reaction

While you trust different teeth whitening solutions, you need to know which teeth whitening product can actually suit you. When you eat, the sugar content of this food gets stuck to your teeth causing an acid reaction. This affects the tooth enamel, creating issues such as cracked or chipped teeth. In such cases, teeth whitening products may get into tooth creating irritation. It is better to choose Katy teeth whitening products for better results without issues of sensitivity. The condition of tooth plays an important role in using teeth whitening products.

Treating teeth with whitening solutions

Some teeth whitening products can bring issues of sensitivity and thus one must wisely choose such products. There are couples of options that can reduce the effect of sensitivity while using teeth whitening products. It is essential to choose the right product that has lower concentration in a solution that could not affect teeth. One may also take advantage of desensitizer in such cases. One may also fluoride which helps reduce the pain while using such products. Potassium nitrate may also provide numbing effect in such cases. Those solution offered at nearby dental clinic may cause problem for many patients.

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