Soft Tissue Contouring

Soft Tissue Contouring

Does your smile show too much gum when you grin? Do you have receding gums? These issues are actually very common! Many patients have a naturally low gum line, gums that have overgrown or gums that have begun to recede. At our Katy cosmetic dentistry office, we offer laser gum contouring for patients looking to balance out their smile.

Why Soft Tissue Contouring?

Not only can our laser gum recontouring treatment at Dr. Teeth correct a gummy smile or receding gum line, but your Katy dentist can also correct asymmetrical gum lines. An asymmetrical gum line typically results in the gums looking higher and lower depending upon the tooth, resulting in teeth that look uneven.

In just one appointment, using a topical anesthetic and a state-of-the-art laser, we can contour your gum line and give you a more appealing looking smile.

Benefits of Laser Gum Contouring & Laser Dentistry

Unlike other methods, laser gum contouring is a pain-free treatment option with limited discomfort and healing time. Due to the laser technology, your gums are sealed on contact, requiring no stitching and resulting in no bleeding. The results of laser gum contouring are visible immediately following the procedure.

Interested in improving your smile? Contact our Katy dental office to schedule your soft tissue and dental contouring appointment today!

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