Reasons for Tooth Extraction

Reasons for Tooth Extraction

Our dentist offers a wide range of dental services including tooth extractions for patients who may need it. Tooth extractions remove the entire tooth from the gum in your mouth. While it is a form of dental surgery, tooth extractions are commonly done by our dentists. Often times our patients tremble when they hear they may need a tooth extraction, but understanding the reasons why it is needed may ease the anxiety. Read on to learn about a few reasons for tooth extraction.

  • Damage from decay or trauma. If a tooth is severely damaged, then simple dental restorations such as a dental crown or filling may not fully treat the problem. Removing the entire tooth may eliminate further procedures and costs down the road. Our dentists also recommend placing a bridge, dental implant, or partial denture to avoid shifting teeth in place of your removed tooth.
  • Orthodontics treatment. Your orthodontist may suggest a tooth extraction before beginning orthodontic treatment. This helps to prevent overcrowding in your mouth. Another more extreme option is to totally realign your jaw in place of simply extracting a tooth.
  • Wisdom teeth cause problems. Wisdom teeth are your last set of teeth to emerge. They usually come in during your late teen years and an extra set of adult molars. Some individual’s wisdom teeth will cause them problems that can lead to infections or abscesses. Our dentists like to keep a close eye on wisdom teeth so as to eliminate any issues through tooth extraction before they even arise.
  • Timely development in kids. Our dentists may even recommend tooth extractions in primary teeth, often known as baby teeth. Tooth extractions for baby teeth may be needed to ensure the permanent teeth erupt in the right position and not too late.