It’s never too late to make Your Smile Look Great!

Jan 16, 2019

Losing tooth is very common in adults; more common than you may imagine. It’s estimated that by the age of 35, at least 69% of the Americans lose one or more adult tooth. And, the number increases to 8 by the time they reach the age of 50. However, losing tooth should not make you diffident and you can seek a flawless smile at any age. The Dentist in Katy says that advancement in dental technology has made it possible to restore your smile and dental health at any age.

Role of Porcelain Veneers in Rejuvenating Aging Teeth

The Dentist in 77493 says that as we grow and years pass by, our teeth begin to show the signs of how much they have seen all this while. Chipping, staining, and cracks become common and teeth become brittle as you grow old. The enamel also gets weaker and erodes from the teeth.

For addressing these issues, porcelain veneers are an excellent way. The damages can’t be undone but porcelain veneers give a new façade to your teeth. The veneers are designed in a custom way so that they fit comfortably to the tooth and match with natural teeth. They offer a bright and beautiful smile and give a younger looking smile.

Orthodontics Can Improve Oral Health at Any Age

You can now align your teeth for achieving maximum oral health at any age. If you are embarrassed of wearing metal braces, you can wear clear Invisalign which are hardly visible. When teeth have right space between them, it becomes easier to clean which will protect your teeth from decaying and developing gum diseases.

Dental Implants Give Back the Lost Teeth

When the lost tooth leaves gap between the teeth, the dental implants and bridges help in replacing them. Implants help in replacing one or more missing teeth and look more natural than conventional bridgework. Implants are surgically fit in the jaw and they become permanent part of the mouth. The Dentist near Me says that if you take proper care, the implants may last a lifetime.

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