Immediate Dental Implants vs. Typical Implant Timeline

May 01, 2019

Have you lost one or more teeth and looking for a replacement? There are many options for tooth restoration, but dental implants are considered as one of the best options as they are durable, strong, and one of the most natural looking options. However, did you know that there are two types of dental implants? We all know about the traditional dental implant which takes almost 6 months for the procedure to go through. But, there’s same-day dental implant as well.

According to dentist of dental implants in Katy, the same-day implants are an attractive and speedy solution for restoring the function and appearance of your teeth, making your smile beautiful. Unlike traditional implants, the immediate dental implants near Katy allow the patients to have natural looking and feeling teeth in a single office visit.

How Do Same-Day Implants Work?

Usually, the dental implants in Katy are surgically inserted into the jawbone without a crown and left to heal for a period of three to six months. Once the implant has fused with the tissues of the jawbone firmly, known as osseointegration, a crown is fitted to the implant post. On the basis of the number of missing teeth and condition of the jaw and gums of the patient, the process of inserting a traditional dental implant in Katy can need three or more appointments and take a year for healing completely.

With the advancement in technology and dental techniques, the dentists are now able to perform all the necessary procedures in one single day. The procedure includes:

  • Taking molds
  • Performing the extraction
  • Bone grafting
  • Inserting implants
  • Attaching temporary crowns

The functional and visually appealing temporary crowns offer all the benefits of real teeth throughout the duration of the healing period. It eliminates the hassle that comes with a missing tooth and the appearance that comes with a crownless implant. After two to four months of healing, the temporary crown is easily taken out and replaced with a permanent implant crown during the routine second appointment and you can enjoy the benefits for a lifetime.

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