Gum Disease Treatment Katy

Gum Disease Treatment Katy

Gum disease is an extremely common dental condition that when discovered early and treated promptly can be managed and kept under control. At Dr. Teeth Dental Care, our periodontist in Katy, TX provides gum treatment which consists of professional dental cleanings (scaling & root planing).

For patients with the early stages of periodontal gum disease, treatment often consists of routine, bi-annual cleanings. For more advanced cases of gum disease, more regular periodontal maintenance may be required. A proper at-home dental health routine is also essential to managing your gum disease.

Treatment from Our Periodontist in Katy, TX

Think you need to visit our periodontist in Katy, TX? If never detected, or left untreated, gingivitis will progress into more advanced periodontitis, becoming irreversible. As gum disease advances, the gums begin to detach from teeth, leaving pockets. At Dr. Teeth Dental Care, our periodontist in Katy, TX will use scaling and root planing to treat your gum disease and manage the symptoms. This will help remove any plaque, bacteria, and toxins that are present on the teeth, below the gum line or in the gum pockets.

If your gum disease is severe enough, your periodontist in Katy, TX may recommend periodontal surgery to get the infection under control. Want to start your gum disease treatment in Katy? Schedule your appointment today!

Gum Disease Maintenance

Unfortunately, periodontal gum disease is not reversible or curable and requires routine periodontal maintenance. With proper care, however, gum disease can be managed and stopped from progressing. Professional periodontal treatment can help keep your mouth clean of infection and prevent bacteria from growing.

Visit Our Katy, TX Periodontist Today

Think you may need gum disease treatment in Katy? Schedule an appointment with our periodontist in Katy, TX today!

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