Root Canal Katy, TX

Root Canal Katy, TX

Looking for an endodontist in Katy, TX? At Dr. Teeth Dental Care, our Katy, TX endodontist specializes in the treatment of infected and inflamed tooth roots and pulps. Inside and beneath your teeth, complex areas known as the root canal and tooth pulp exist. Certain injuries and decay can lead to infections and damage to these areas, resulting in very painful symptoms. In certain cases, where this damage or infection cannot be treated, a root canal may be necessary for the better of your oral health. Schedule an appointment with our KAty, TX endodontist today.

Katy Endodontics

Considering a root canal in Katy, TX? Deep inside your tooth, beneath the enamel, lots of blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissues exist in the pulp and tooth roots. In situations where these areas become infected, root canal therapy can effectively remove the bacteria, decay, and infection, reducing the painful symptoms and improving the health of your tooth.

Left untreated, an infected or inflamed tooth root can result in more severe infections, abscesses and the loss of teeth.

Root Canal Katy, TX

During your root canal treatment, your Katy, TX endodontist will thoroughly remove any bacteria and infection, clean the affected area and then seal it. This will help prevent any future damage or infections in the root or pulp.

Schedule an Appointment with Our Endodontist in Katy, TX

Do you experience chronic tooth pain? Think you may have an infected tooth pulp? Contact Dr. Teeth Dental Care today to schedule your appointment with our endodontist in Katy, TX. We’d be happy to evaluate your teeth, gums and overall oral health to determine if a root canal in Katy, TX may be necessary for you.

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