Dental Sealants Katy Texas

Dental Sealants Katy Texas

At Dr. Teeth Dental Care in Katy, we believe that preventative dental care is essential to optimal oral health. For this reason, we offer both clear and tooth-colored dental sealants for our patients. A dental sealant can protect the chewing surface of a tooth (where cavities usually form), and provides a seal that can keep bacteria, tartar, and plaque from getting trapped in the depressions of the tooth. Interested in our Katy dental sealants? Visit us today.

About Our Katy Dental Sealants

Think you’d benefit from our dental sealants in Katy? Most of the patients we see at our Katy dental office form cavities in the back teeth at an early age; for this reason, we recommend either tooth-colored or clear sealants to protect their smile.

Most children are still learning to master the art of proper dental care and have a hard time brushing the small ridges found on their teeth. These depressions, pits, and grooves are the perfect environments for bacteria growth and decay. When dental sealants are applied to the teeth, they can protect against bacteria and make it easier to brush.

Although dental sealant placement is highly recommended for children, it can also be beneficial for teens and adults that want added protection from bacteria, plaque, and decay.

Process for Tooth Sealant Katy

During the appointment, a dental sealant will be applied to the chewing surfaces of teeth, ensuring the tooth sealant settles into the depressions to create a protective shield; the sealant will bond to the tooth enamel and form a hard protective layer.

Maintaining Dental Sealants in Katy

Depending upon your dental hygiene routine and certain lifestyle choices, a dental sealant can last for years. Routine dental appointments allow your Katy dentist to evaluate your sealant and decide whether it should be reapplied.

Get Katy Dental Sealants Today

To protect your smile with our tooth sealant in Katy, schedule an appointment with our office today!

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