Dental Implants -Procedure timeline, Benefits, Guidance

Oct 01, 2019

In the world where people judge you on the basis of the first look/appearance, you cannot take chances in regards to deal with missing teeth because it looks very bad on your smile and that affects your personality overall. A good-aligned teeth-set provides you with a good smile and a smile depicts the level of confidence you have. So, if you have missing teeth then you might need to get false or artificial teeth which looks like the original teeth and gets you the same smile which you had before. The best way to get your smile back is through Dental Implants, or in other words teeth implants.

What is the procedure of dental implant and how much time it takes?

The dental implant is a procedure where you get artificial teeth in place of the missing teeth. People adopt this method because this method lasts for a longer period of time than other options. Dental implant process timeline is quite long. It requires time to heal the area which you can understand by the process (as mentioned below).

In Dental implant, the dentist, first of all, takes your teeth’s impression as well as an x-ray to understand the exact condition of your teeth. Once it is done, then the dentist injects anesthesia near the required area and cleans it properly. After this, the dentist does bone grafting if needed. Bone grafting also needs separate time to heal.

Once the jawbone is ready then the dentist screws your jawbone and put post in there. It also takes time to heal so dentist provides you with temporary crown. The healing process can take from 4 to 6 months. Once post infuses in the jawbone then dentist fixes permanent crown over it.

So dental implant procedure can take from 4 to 10 months to heal the whole process.

What are the benefits of dental implants?

This is a very valid question to come across your mind because if you do not know this, then why would you adopt this method. Following you will find some of the advantages of dental implants-

Improved Appearance: As we discussed above, one of the biggest advantages of dental implants is that you get your smile back. Now you are much more confident while talking. People will listen to you when you are talking, instead of focusing on the gap between your teeth. So, this can be one of the biggest changes you can feel once you get the dental implant treatment and most of the people agree to see the difference.

Improve oral health: When you have a missing tooth then you might not notice it but there are many teeth problems that you start coming across. Problems like food particles getting stuck in the place of the missing teeth area which harms gums, and teeth also sliding from their usual place which leads to more issues in the future. You also face problem while eating. A dental implant solves all the problems and saves your remaining teeth from cavities, gum loss etc.

Durability: Dental implant Katy TX is one of the most durable methods for missing teeth. There are some case where dental implant lasts for the lifetime, if taken care of properly. So, it is one of the most effective as well as efficient method for the missing teeth.

What is the guideline to be followed after the procedure?

For the dental implant also, you need to take care of your teeth so that it can sustain for a longer period of time. Following you will find some of the tips to be followed after the procedure, as suggested by dental implants in Cinco ranch-

  • You might see the colour of your saliva slightly red, it is normal for 24 hours after the procedure because bleeding continues for some time. Although it does not mean that it should continue for days
  • You may find your implant teeth area a bit swollen up and you can use an ice pack to reduce it
  • You need to avoid for a few days as per the dentist suggestion.
  • You may feel pain, and for this, you shall be prescribed a few painkillers too, as suggested by Cosmetic Dentist.

The dental implant is one of the best methods but this process takes time because the post is directly put in the jawbone and it takes time to infuse. This is also a bit costly method so you might want to consider this point while making the final decision. If you still have doubts about getting dental implants or any other option in general, then you can contact Dr Teeth – Katy. They are the professionals who can guide you properly throughout the procedure.

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