Dental Fillings Katy, TX

Dental Fillings Katy, TX

Think you may need a tooth filling in Katy? Dental fillings are a common dental treatment option for patients that suffer from tooth decay and need to repair a cavity. Unlike many dental offices, however, our Katy dentist offers composite tooth fillings which blend much better with your natural smile than traditional options such as amalgam dental fillings.

Composite Dental Fillings Katy

For decades, “silver” dental fillings were the go-to for cavity repair. However, the mercury contained in these fillings is known to be toxic.

Our tooth-colored fillings are a non-toxic, non-metal alternative to traditional methods and allow us to match your filling with surrounding natural teeth. Composite fillings are highly durable, affordable and can last a long time with proper care and hygiene habits.

Do you currently have silver amalgam fillings? Approved patients can have traditional metal fillings removed to be replaced with our safer, composite tooth fillings.

Katy Texas Dental Fillings Procedure

At our Katy dental office, our tooth-colored composite fillings can be placed in just one visit. During your appointment, we will remove any tooth decay and bacteria; the affected tooth will also be cleaned. Once this has been completed, the cavity will be filled with our composite resin material and smoothed and polished for a beautiful, seamless appearance.

Although cavities are preventable, they are unfortunately very common. Routine dental examinations will allow our dental professional to spot decay early and provide necessary treatment, ensuring the decay doesn’t worsen and spread.

Get Dental Fillings in Katy Today!

Think you may have a cavity? Considering composite dental fillings in Katy? Contact our Katy, TX dental practice today; we’d be happy to schedule an appointment and determine if a tooth filling is the right treatment option for you.

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