Dental Exams Become More Important with Age

Nov 30, 2017

As you age, some changes happen over time to all parts of your body, including your teeth. Your oral health can become more difficult to monitor over time, because of this, dental exams become more of a priority. There are at least three reasons why you should take dental exams more seriously with age.

Reasons Dental Exams Are Important as You Age

The first reason is, as a person ages, the nerves in your teeth shrink. This causes the teeth to become less sensitive. A reduction in sensitivity to pain can make it harder for you to naturally detect the pain that a cavity or other dental problems may be causing. Because of this, it is more likely for a person increased in age to ignore a dental issue for longer; this can allow for tooth decay to develop longer and become more advanced and cause real problems for your oral health.

So how can dental exams help you? Routine dental exams can utilize tools such as dental x-rays and a professional dental team to reveal and treat tooth decay before it reaches an advanced stage that seriously threatens your oral health.

The second reason is, as you age, your teeth become slowly weaker. This causes them to be susceptible to diseases and dental problems that they might not have been previously; this allows for diseases to develop more quickly and cause even worse problems.

And lastly, detecting issues early is important because these issues become worse as you age. How can early detection of diseases help? Early detection is the only way to prevent problems such as gum loss and complete tooth loss, as well as heart problems caused by poor oral health. The best thing you can do to protect your teeth, your smile, and your health, is a regular oral exam. It’s important to find, and treat anything before the problem becomes advanced.

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