Katy Dental Crowns

Katy Dental Crowns

Do you find yourself hiding your smile due to chips, cracks, decay or stains? Looking for a dental treatment that can restore your smile? With dental crowns from Dr. Teeth Dental Care, there is! At our Katy cosmetic dentistry practice, we understand how important first impressions can be; for this reason, we are proud to offer tooth crowns for patients interested in restoring the appearance and function of their smile.

About Our Dental Crowns in Katy

Tooth crowns are fixed dental appliances used to improve the look and function of a weakened tooth. From chips to decay, dental crowns can help repair and strengthen your tooth. Crowns can also be used to protect and restore your tooth following a root canal procedure.

Katy, TX Dental Crown Treatment

At Dr. Teeth Dental Care in Katy, your cosmetic dentist can provide both ceramic and porcelain crowns. Using our CAD/CAM technology, our ceramic crowns can be designed, fabricated and placed in just one visit. We use tooth-colored materials, ensuring your new tooth crown will blend perfectly with your natural smile.

Interested in same-day dental crowns in Katy? Contact our Katy dental office today to schedule your appointment for Katy dental crowns. Our Katy, TX dentist would be happy to evaluate your oral health and determine if you are a candidate for restorative Katy dental crowns.

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