Dental Bridges Katy

Dental Bridges Katy

For patients that suffer from one or more missing teeth, a dental bridge can be the perfect treatment option for restoring your smile. If you have remaining natural teeth adjacent to the gap, a restorative bridge can help fill the space. For those without healthy, natural teeth, dental implants may be necessary to attach the bridge to.

About Our Katy Dental Bridges

A tooth bridge is often used to restore one or more teeth that are missing from a patient’s smile. On either side of the gap, dental crowns will be used to attach the bridge, using the neighboring teeth to support the prosthetic tooth.

Benefits of Our Dental Bridges in 77493

When a patient is missing teeth, it can actually lead to further dental complications such as teeth shifting, spacing problems and bite issues. This ultimately can lead to tooth decay, gum disease, and jaw irritation. Restoring your smile with a dental bridge can prevent these issues from occurring.

Our Katy Dental Bridge Procedure

For your dental bridge procedure at our Katy, TX dental office, two visits are needed to properly prepare and place your dental work. Your first appointment will include the evaluation and preparation of your teeth and the second will consist of the placement of your finished bridge.

During your initial consultation at Dr. Teeth Dental Care in Katy, we will determine whether a dental bridge is the right treatment option for you. We will evaluate your teeth, gums, and bone along with taking x-rays and impressions. For your bridge to be stabilized, it needs a supporting foundation.

Wondering if our Katy dental bridges are the right option for you? Contact our Katy dental office today to schedule your consultation!

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