Dental Bridges 101: A Close-Up Look Into What They Are and How They Work

Dec 01, 2021

Millions of people across the nation are missing a tooth or two. Inasmuch as missing teeth is a common thing, it shouldn’t be the way to live. Your mouth was never designed to be without teeth. That’s why you will have to deal with a deteriorating jaw bone, shifty teeth, chewing difficulties, poor enunciation, etc. This is why our dentist offers dental bridges in Katy, TX.

With dental bridges near you, your smile will function and look better as ever. Our dental bridge dentist near you offers bridges as an alternative to partial dentures, especially if you don’t fancy dentures.

So, What Are They?

Dental bridges near you are made of a fake tooth (pontic) and two crowns attached to it, one on each side. They can be used to correct aesthetic and functional issues.

Since dental technology has advanced over the years, there are four different dental bridges that you can choose from. They are:

  • Traditional Bridges

This is commonly used and is made of a fake tooth or pontic and two crowns attached to it.

  • Cantilever Bridges

This bridge is very similar to the traditional bridge. The glaring difference is that it has one crown attached to the fake tooth and not two, as is the case with traditional bridges.

  • Maryland Bridges

These bridges are the best front tooth restorations since they are different from the other options. Instead of being attached to crowns, the fake tooth is attached to a framework or metal band. The framework is then bonded to the back of the adjacent teeth; this is why they are also called a resin-bonded bridge.

  • Implant-Supported Bridges

You can also go for implant-supported bridges when you are missing all your teeth. The dental implant is placed in your jawbone that acts as the anchor for the dental bridge. These bridges are very stable.

How Do They Work?

The whole idea behind using dental bridges is to cover the gap and restore your tooth’s functions, such as chewing. So, that’s why dental bridges have a false tooth, which covers the gap. Then, the two crowns attached to the false tooth are used to hold it in place.

However, dental bridges still need a third component to function, your natural teeth. You will need two healthy teeth adjacent to the gap left by the missing tooth. These teeth also referred to as abutment teeth, act as anchors for the bridge. The two crowns adjacent to the fake tooth will be bonded to your natural tooth, thus securing your dental bridge.

The only downside is that your natural teeth have to be prepped to accommodate the crowns. Therefore, they have to be filed down, meaning that some of the enamel will be removed, rendering the process irreversible.

How Are Dental Bridges Placed?

Placing a dental bridge is not painful, and neither is it a surgical procedure. You can even stay awake during the procedure, not unless you have dental anxiety in which you will need sedation to help you relax.

Our dentist will take the measurements of your mouth and dental impressions. This is a necessary step since it ensures that you receive a customized dental bridge that will be a perfect fit.

Your abutment teeth will be prepped, and then temporary crowns will be placed to protect the teeth while you are waiting for your bridge.

Once the bridge is ready, the temporary crowns will be removed, and the bridge will be cemented.


The beauty of dental bridges is that the recovery time is very minimal. Immediately after the procedure, you will feel some discomfort and soreness in your jaw. Pain killers may solve this problem.

Most patients never find it challenging adapting to their new set of teeth. However, if you feel pain after a few days, get checked by our dentist.

The Takeaway

Dental bridges have several benefits that you can enjoy if you choose to go down this road. You can say goodbye to the unappealing smile, chewing difficulties, enunciation issues, etc. Missing teeth willalways have a negative impact on your oral health. Plus, your self-confidence may be affected because of the missing tooth.

So, if you desire to replace your missing teeth, contact us at Dr. Teeth Dental Care to schedule an appointment.

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