7 Tips From Your Emergency Dentist In Katy

Feb 14, 2019

Family gatherings during the holiday season are a time to have fun. But the fun can soon turn into crisis if you meet a dental emergency. While most people have first aid kit for emergency, they hardly take into consideration any Dental Emergency.

It’s good to have a plan for meeting dental emergency as people indulge in different types of food items especially the hard candies that can do a lot to your teeth. If you find yourself in the middle of dental emergency, it’s must to seek help from an Emergency Dentist in Katy.

7 Tips That Can Help in Staying Calm during Dental Emergency:

    • Stay Calm

Just like any other emergency, dental emergency can be stressful. If you find yourself in the middle of a dental emergency, you simply need to calm down, take deep breaths. This will help in focusing on finding the solution.

    • Call the dentist

The next step during a dental emergency is to call an Emergency Dentist in Katy, TX and make an appointment as soon as possible with the dentist. The trained staff will help you with the first-aid basics.

    • Rinsing with warm water

With any dental injury, there is always a risk of infection. You must rinse the injured area with warm water for cleaning the debris in the area. This will help in protecting your from any complications.

    • Use pressure

If there’s bleeding during a dental emergency, you need to apply a rag using light pressure to the area. This will help the blood in clotting quicker and stop the bleeding.

    • Keep the tooth wet

If your tooth gets broken, it won’t be viable after 2 hours. You need to preserve it till you reach the Emergency Dentist in 77493. Place the tooth in a milk bowl till you reach the dentist.

    • Cold compress

Placing ice on the area can help in reducing swelling and pain.

    • Ask someone else to drive you

It’s advisable to ask someone to drive you to the dentist as dental emergency can happen in tandem with head trauma.

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