4 Ways Smiling Improves Our Health!

Dec 22, 2017

Contrary to popular belief, at least ten facial muscles work to create a smile. It only takes the effort of about six to frown. Therefore, the adage, “it takes more muscles to frown than to smile,” is not based on fact. Since it requires more energy to turn that frown upside down, that new version should be, “a smile burns more calories than a frown.” This is only one of several health benefits that come with the welcoming expression.

Let Those Smiles Shine!

Besides boosting your aesthetic appeal, smiling offers health benefits in four specific ways:

  • Reduces Pain: When you lift that smile your body releases feel-good endorphins. These hormones serve as natural pain relievers. The most interesting part is that is the expression that releases endorphins, not the attitude or emotion behind it. Therefore, even an insincere grin will achieve the same positive chemical response. So, anytime you feel pain, are injured, or sick, give your face a workout and let those smiles shine!
  • Relieves Stress: Those same hormones that alleviate pain also help reduce stress symptoms. A 2012 study demonstrated that participants with the most jovial smiles recovered faster from completing a stressful task. This stems back to how our brains react to a big smile. People don’t only smile to express happiness; we do so to help us feel better. Fake it until you make it.
  • Boosts Your Immune System: Smiles relief tension and stress which results in a positive impact on overall health. Happy facial expressions lead to more resistance to health threats. You can lower your likelihood of developing cancer.
  • Increases Longevity: The upturned look naturally lightens and lifts, making you appear younger and more pleasant. It can also increase longevity by up to seven years if you take every opportunity to smile.

The average adult will form a smile about 20 times each day, while happy youngsters will let those smiles shine 400 times or more, on the same day. Consider all the health benefits that grown-ups could accrue if we continued to smile we did as kids. Unfortunately, some patients are embarrassed by their teeth and avoid showing them off. At Dr. Teeth Dental Care, we can help you achieve and maintain a beautiful smile that you will want to display happily.

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