May 01, 2021

Many adults and children suffer from tooth decay. The cavity is a major cause of holes in the teeth. To fill these holes, you need dental fillings in Katy, Texas. Unlike decades (or even centuries) ago, there are more dental filling options.

Dental fillings are the materials dentists use to fill holes in teeth. They vary in color, texture, and durability. While some only last a few years, others can stay for up to 15years. It is normal to feel a bit of sensitivity in the newly-filled area after the procedure.

Why you might need dental fillings

  • Tooth sensitivity. When the teeth react to cold or hot substances, it is a sign of sensitivity. Sensitive teeth have different implications. It could signal tooth decay, root canal infection, and more. For cavities, you would need dental fillings to cover the holes in the teeth. Thus, the best way to be sure of what your current tooth sensitivity indicates is to get dental filings near you.
  • Sudden dental pain: Sometimes, people experience toothache and other discomforts in the mouth. The pain can be sudden, with the bearer having no recollection of an oral injury. When such inexplicable oral pain persists, it could result in cavities. Such cases will be treated with dental fillings in Katy, Texas.
  • Broken teeth. In most cases, the more fragile teeth (the front teeth) get easily broken. Although rare, the stronger teeth (molars and premolars) also get broken. When this happens, it leaves a hole in the teeth. Such dental issues can result in other complications, which would require an appointment for dental fillings near Katy, Texas.

Types of dental fillings

There are various types of dental fillings available for filling the holes in the tooth. These dental fillings are made from various materials.

    • Gold fillings. Contrary to what some might think, the gold-plated fillings have little to do with cosmetics. It is one of the oldest types of fillings to date. Non- corrosive gold fillings are made from gold and copper alloys. It is preferred due to its durability.

However, the complete procedure takes several visits to the dentist. It is also unsurprisingly expensive compared to other dental fillings in Katy, TX. The major limit of gold fillings is that they are obvious. Unlike other dental fillings, gold fillings do not look like a natural part of the teeth. If maintained properly, a dentist near you can make them last years without any major touch up.

  • Composite fillings. If you want a dental filling that takes the color and semblance of your natural teeth, use composite fillings. These filings are one of the most expensive but not as expensive as gold fillings. They are made from quartz and glass. Composite fillings function just as effectively as other types of fillings. They are the best fit for the teeth due to their matching color with the teeth. These filings are ideal for both front and back teeth as they are barely noticeable. Composite fillings done by a dentist near you are durable and ideal for biting and chewing food.
  • Glass ionomers. These dental fillers are recommended for children, especially those still growing teeth. Also called acrylic fillings, glass ionomers contain fluoride, which helps to improve dental hygiene. They are not meant to last as long as the other common dental fillers. These fillers usually last only a few years and are not as durable as other fillers. For this reason, they are not ideal for adults.
  • Silver amalgam. Also called dental amalgam, these dental fillings are made mostly of silver. They are a combination of tin, mercury, tin, and other metals. Like gold fillings, dental amalgams have been in existence for a long time. They are also durable and more affordable than both composite and gold dental fillings in Katy, TX. Their main demerit is that you can easily tell that they are fillings. This is because their silver color differs from the natural color of the teeth.
  • Ceramic fillings. These are some of the least common types of dental fillings. Also called porcelain fillings, ceramic fillings are the preferred fillings for conscious of their appearance. These filings are also as durable as some of the previously mentioned dental fillings near Katy, Texas. Hence, they are ideal for adults. They are one of the most expensive filters to have. They cost more than silver amalgam fillers.
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